Our Projects - Cresheen's Cooperation with Real Estate Company

A List of Project Cooperation between Guangdong Cresheen Smart Home Co., Ltd and Real Estate Companies
Project (unranked)Real Estate CompaniesProject and PropertyCityCresheen SuppliedSeries Number of Supplied ProductsTime of Supply
1Wuhan Kaide Holding Group Co., Ltd.Kaide Holding Group Wuhan Guanggu Future CityWuhan CityPullout BasketCX-G080/G080W DM60111/12/21
2China Everbright GroupEverbright Real Estate Group Song Hu Wan WanDongguan CityKitchen SinkCX-V221/3/21
3China Everbright GroupEverbright Real Estate Group Zhaoqing Duanzhou Times MansionZhaoqing CityKitchen SinkCX-G46421/8/21
4Herun Holding Group Herun Linghu Beauty Garden 2Zhengzhou CityKitchen Sink and Pullout BasketHandmade sink CX-G6845, Pullout Basket CX-G300D1/3/21
5China Vanke Co., Ltd.Vanke Golden GardenDongguan CityPullout BasketCX-D8002-2 Blind Cornor Basket1/3/22
6China Vanke Co., Ltd.Vanke Wan Hui GardenHuizhou CityPullout BasketCX-D8002-2 Blind Cornor Basket & DM60111/3/22
7China Vanke Co., Ltd.Vanke Guiyu OrientalHangzhou CityPullout BasketDM130G1/11/21
8China Vanke Co., Ltd.Vanke ZitaiFuzhou CityPullout BasketDM130G、DM140G1/2/22
9Peng Shui EstatePengrui Sanlongwan OneFoshan CityPullout BasketDM6010、DM60111/2/22
10Cifi GroupXuhui Riviera Mansion Phase IIIWuhan CityPullout BasketDM60111/12/21
11Galaxy GroupGuangzhou Nansha Galaxy DongyuewanGuangzhou CityPullout BasketDM323S Pulldown Basket1/3/22
12China Overseas Property Holdings LimitedZhonghai Wangjing Mansion Phase IIShenyang CityPullout BasketDM130G /DM140G/CX-800P/CX-800W1/3/22
13Poly Developments and Holdings Group Co., LtdPoly Dragon BayFoshan CityPullout BasketDM6011/CX-080W/G0802020
14China Resources Land Ltd.Shenyang WanxiangchengShenyang CityPullout BasketCX-G18300/DMGJ-0092019
15Logan GroupCompany LimitedLongguang TianyingNanning CityPullout BasketDM130G /DM140G/CX-800P/ CX-800W2019

Please note that part of the company's and property's names on the lists may not be accurate in English due to missing information. However, Cresheen can guarantee the above project cooperation with listed companies is real and accurate. Please kindly contact us if you require more information and evidence.