Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Cresheen recognises its responsibility to give back to its community. 

Donations to Charity

Cresheen has made regular annual donations to the Red Cross Society of China to support people who may be less fortunate or struggling with poverty and illnesses. We believe that the gathering of corporate resources is also the gathering of corporate responsibility, and while we use resources from the society, we will in turn have the responsibility to return to the society and share the social concerns. Our donation rallied many employees, laying a solid foundation for the charity cause. At the same time, the company's external charitable behaviour also deeply inspires the personal growth of our internal employees.

Voluntarily Activities 

Other than financially funding, in Cresheen we also put a great emphasis on the importance of doing voluntary activities. We have recognised that caring for the elderly is not only a traditional virtue but also a prerequisite requirement for the healthy development of a society. Therefore, caring for the elderly is not just a matter for a family or a child, it requires the joint efforts of a society and a nation. As a part of the community and the society, we actively contribute to it by regularly organising the visit, and sending our regards and gifts to the elderly in the community. The image shown below was the 'thank-you' golden metal from Nantou Town Home for the Elderly. 


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